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A virtual dataroom is an invaluable tool for specific industries and businesses, but it is essential for other industries. Picking the right one will accelerate a transaction and make all parties content during the process. To ensure that you pick the most suitable virtual data room, look for a provider with an intuitive and modern interface as well as user-specific permissions for access to the document and in-platform viewings. Find out if they’re able to track data room activity and then create reports to make managing your project easier.

M&A professionals require a VDR that offers secure storage for significant amounts of data, and supports different file formats and enables multiple users to access files simultaneously. M&A platforms that allow for custom workspaces, secure document audit logs with a robust digital rights administration (DRM) and a wealth of information dashboards enable seamless due diligence and post-transaction integration.

Consultancy businesses need secure platforms to share their work with clients and other stakeholders. They should also ensure that their files have been protected to avoid losing work, or having it stolen by hackers. A virtual data room with an user-friendly, simple interface can help them complete projects within the timeframe and budget.

Startups are usually limited in IT resources, so they require a data room that can be configured quickly and has a relatively short adoption curve. Firmex is a VDR which can satisfy these needs. It improves workflow and communication processes, has an intuitive and smart interface, supports more than 25 file formats and features AES256 encryption Two-factor authentication, as well as an unrestricted trial for no commitments.

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