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Stainless steel is a common, higher-grade available material, where each individual letter of a seed phrase can be punched into small plates and protected by a casing. Bitcoin is not a physical good that is susceptible to degradation. Rather, it is a digital good accessible only through cryptographic keys. As the only information needed to access bitcoin and authorise spends, a user’s bitcoin is therefore as durable as the medium that stores this information and/or manages these keys. Today, bitcoin wallets will typically provide users with a ‘seed phrase’ that encodes these keys.

The Keystone Tablet Plus allows you to secure your seed phrase with metal. Often people use a letter of wishes alongside their will to pass on private financial information, including details of cryptoassets, to others. Creating a note of this information creates an additional security risk so ensure this is also kept securely yet in a place your trusted family can access.

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A phrase is normally 12 to 24 common words randomly chosen from a bank of 2,048 words, making the phrases easier to remember and maintain. These generated simple words, known as the “recovery phase” or “seed phrase,” are used to unlock your wallet anytime, and they are not to be shared with anyone except “your next of kin” or “heir”. Private keys are created in the wallet, using these seed phrases in order to allow you to send or receive your assets. We don’t take cryptocurrency storage and security lightly, and neither should you. Understanding the importance of a seed phrase is paramount, and putting measures in place to protect it should be a high priority for all cryptocurrency holders.


There are also two-factor seed phrases that reinforce the security provided by recovery seeds. In such a model, users will be asked to put in a password after they have placed their seed phrase. Failure to remember any of the two would result in losing access to one’s digital assets forever. The debate regarding seed phrases is pivotal for the crypto industry. Since the collapse of FTX, more people have moved funds off centralized exchanges.

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Multisig transactions require two or more What is a Seed Phrase keys to sign and send transactions. Our team is tirelessly working on various features to become the one-stop crypto wallet that understands your needs on a broad scale. Relayed how they were able to leverage GPT-4 to write code for 5 microservices for a new product.

But, in this case, what is good for the goose is indeed good for the gander since it becomes easier to audit any exchange of value for any entity, at any point in time. Your recovery phrase is the ultimate key to your digital assets. Keystone Tablet is a fire and waterproof solution for storing your recovery phrase made entirely of 304-grade stainless steel, down to every letter tile and screw. There’s no doubt that your seed phrase, also known as the recovery phrase, is the most valuable part of your wallet.

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It is plausible to assume the funds moved to non-custodial wallets secured by recovery seeds. Unfortunately, most people will not conduct the correct security precautions to keep that sensitive data safe. As such, wallets without seed phrases may be the next frontier.

How does seed phrase work?

A simplified explanation of how seed phrases work is that the wallet software has a list of words taken from a dictionary, with each word assigned to a number. The seed phrase can be converted to a number which is used as the seed integer to a deterministic wallet that generates all the key pairs used in the wallet.

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